FAQs and Multiple Designs 


           This page will explain how ColorNeck Chokers are made so you can create your own designs.  If you want some other design not shown on the ColorNeck website, please use the information on this page to contact me about having your own unique design made. 

          I use 2 millimeter leather cord for all the choker beads.  The ceramic and nickel beads are all 6 millimeters (1/4 inch) in diameter.  The larger ceramic beads are 10 millimeters (3/8 inch) in length; the smaller ceramic and nickel spacer beads are about 4 millimeters (5/32 inch) in length.  All of the pendants are made of pewter.  The barrel clasps are held onto the leather cord ends by squeezing a metal spring coil into the leather.  Each "Bead Pattern Cycle" (BPC) has one large ceramic bead and a spacer, which is about 9/16 inch length together.  This is the incremental length addition (or subtraction) for choosing a total length for a choker.  The last bead on each end of all Choker Designs is a spacer.  There is always one more spacer than there are larger Ceramic Beads to keep the choker ends looking symmetrical.  Since my chokers are hand made, the actual lengths may vary slightly and the length choices for the choker design listings are rounded to the nearest quarter inch.

           The following Lengths are available and correspond to the number shown of "Bead Pattern Cycles" (BPC):

14.75 Inches     = 23 BPC     -   There are 23 large Ceramic Beads and 24 Spacers in 14.75 Inches.

15.25 inches     = 24 BPC     -   24 large Ceramic Beads and 25 Spacers.                        

15.75 inches     = 25 BPC     -   Etc.

16.25 Inches     = 26 BPC                    

17 Inches          = 27 BPC   

17.5 Inches       = 28 BPC   

18 Inches          = 29 BPC  

18.5 Inches       = 30 BPC   

19.25 Inches     = 31 BPC   

19.75 Inches     = 32 BPC   

           All the choker designs have an odd total number of components on the cord to make every choker design symmetrical as seen from the center.  There is always a center component that could be either a bead or a pendant.  Each half of the choker is created identically and symmetrically out from the center toward the ends of the cord.  The spacers are used between each of the larger ceramic beads to give the entire choker a more aesthetic look. 

          If there are two different color ceramic beads used in a choker design, the center component will be a larger 10 millimeter ceramic bead.  If a pendant is used with a two-color design, that center ceramic bead would then be replaced with two identically colored smaller 4 millimeter ceramic beads on either side of the pendant.  This will maintain the color symmetry of the choker.  See the difference two paragraphs below.  You can specify which color center bead you want with or without a pendant by adding a comment with your order.  If you don't specify, I will tend to pick the "bolder" color for the center bead, using my best judgement. 

          Also, two-color designs that have an EVEN number of Bead Pattern Cycles (that is lengths of 15.25, 16.25, 17.5, 18.5, and 19.75 Inch Lengths will also have smaller 4 Millimeter ceramic beads in place of larger ceramic beads just before the spacer ends to maintain symmetry at THOSE chosen lengths.  If you want both ends of your two-color choker design to end with the same size larger ceramic beads matching the rest of the choker, you must pick a choker length corresponding to an ODD number of bead pattern cycles.

          If you are interrested in a choker design with longer or shorter lengths than those shown on my website, please contact me.

 Choker Design with NO Pendant

Choker Design WITH Pendant

          Please note that three of the Zodiac Pendants have two bails, allowing extra beads to be inserted between those bails.  Pisces (first), Taurus (next), and Aries (last) are shown below.  The bail spacing within Aries and Taurus is about 10 to 15 millimeters, allowing one 10 millimeter ceramic bead between those bails, plus (if needed) a nickel washer or two to fill in the space so that the 10 millimeter bead won't move back and forth.  The bail spacing for Pisces is 18 millimeters, allowing one 10 millimeter ceramic bead and two spacer beads between the bails.  The added beads between the bails do not adversely affect the aesthetics, as can be seen below.




Multiple Color Chokers 

          The ColorNeck website exhibits Choker designs that used only one or two colors for the larger color beads.  There are millions of other possible color combinations using three or more colors for designing a choker.  There is no way I could show you all of these other designs.  But, you can create one that I can make for you.  Below are two examples of multiple color designs that have recognizable meanings.  One is a "Rainbow" design, often used as a symbol for people of different backgrounds coming together for a common good.  The other design shown is a "Rasta" design using these colors:  Black, symbolizing Africa; Red, symbolizing Blood; Yellow (or Gold), symbolizing Wealth; and Green, symbolizing the Earth.  



           Notice that in both of these designs, the center colored beads form a sort of "Beads Pendant" in themselves, without the addition of any actual pewter pendant.  Any Multiple Bead Color Choker is still only $19.95 without a Pendant and $25.95 with a pewter pendant.  Length choices can be in approximate 9/16 inch increments  up to 19.75 inches.  Please contact me at for any questions, ideas, help, or suggestions to make sure I understand what you would like me to make.  You can pay by PayPal using my email address. 

           Mutiple colors can be used to design choker colors representing a flag.  For Instance, the colors red, yellow, and green in the Rasta design are in the national flag designs of many African countries.   Red, White, and Blue could represent the USA, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Iceland, Liberia, or Thailand.                      

          These should give you some ideas for a design of your own.  But, there are two cautions I want to point out. 

          You can ask for a choker that has no spacers, leaving only larger ceramic beads in it, but I think it detracts from the aesthetics with no spacers to highlight the larger beads.  Length increments would then be about 3/8 in. 

          If you want multiple colors in your choker, be careful about how far around your neck you want that pattern to go.  Notice I only used the color beads for the Rainbow and Rasta designs in the center "Pendant" position.  I did not repeat the pattern around the neck.  I used a neutral Black with Nickel spacer the rest of the way around.  If you use the pattern all the way around, the central "Bead(s) Pendant" will no longer be set out as the focus of the choker design and chances are that the repeated multicolor bead pattern will not end symetrically at preferred lengths.

          One way of overcoming these multiple color problems is to repeat a specific color between two other colors.  Instead of just repeating "Red, White, Blue, Red, White, Blue" in that order, try a pattern like Red, White, Blue, White, Red, White, Blue, White, etc.  Notice that my spacers in all of the designs on this website do exactly the same thing as the White colored bead is doing in this example.  The design of two differrent colored beads plus a spacer is the same pattern as the Red, White, Blue, White pattern.



          Once you buy a choker that fits fine now, you may need a longer one in the future.  I can make extensions that can add length to your choker without having to create a whole new choker for you.  By adding a short leather cord that just has the two ends of a barrel clasp attached on it, you can insert the extension into the choker you already have between the original barrel clasp ends on the choker.  See an image below of an extension and how one can be inserted into an older choker:  

 Regular Barrel Clasp used on all the Choker Designs

(Notice that both ends of the Choker have spacers before the clasp)

Extension - Actual Size:  1.5 Inches

Inserted Barrel Clasp Extension

          The shortest extension I can make is 1.5 inches long - the length of a barrel clasp with about 1/8 inch of leather cord showing.  But I can make longer ones that can also include beads to match the original choker design.  A single primary color choker can have a matching extension bead added for every (roughly) 1/2 inch increase in length.  A two color design can have an alternating color extension every full inch increase (that is:  at 2 inch, 3 inch, or 4 inch, increases.  Since the original choker was symmetrical from the start, the inserted extension with beads fits into the orginal bead pattern.  See below how a 3 inch extension fits into an older two color choker design: 

A Three Inch Extension with Beads for the Choker Below 

The Extensions are really just very short Chokers in themselves

     If you would lke to order an extension for an older choker, use the order button below.  Add Comments to your order naming the order of the desired bead colors, including any spacers of either Nickel or Black, or no beads at all.  You must have an ODD number of beads to maintain symmetry.  You may name the bead colors from right to left or left to right.  They are symmetrical either way.  I only offer extensions up to 4 inches for the price of $7.00 plus the usual $3.00 shipping. 

Extension Length 

Describe Bead Color(s) Desired