Due to the Death of

Peter McCusker

(Owner of Colorneck)

No new orders are being taken.

Pewter Pendant Choices

42 in all, including the Zodiac

Only $6.00 extra with any Choker

Pendants are $7.00 by themselves without a

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Bolt       Badge              Fangs         Ankh          Talons        Scorpion   

Trilune   Trefoil          Aum          Peace         Surfboard       Spider

 Bear       Anarchy     Biohazard      Hook        Tomoe           Wolf

Female      Male           Trans       Iron Cross    Horseshoe       Leaf

Bullet       Bat             Scarab          Dagger    Fleur-de-lis   Feather


  Aries         Taurus      Gemini        Cancer          Leo           Virgo

   Libra        Scorpio   Sagittarius   Capricorn    Aquarius       Pisces

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